What's Kookn

We are design curators and makers with a love of vintage cookware, tableware and serving ware. 

We believe that vintage and pre-loved finds have stories to tell, are built to last, and that great design is timeless.

It all started during a weekend antique outing when we found ourselves crossing a room to reach for the same yellow Dansk Kobenstyle Pot from the 70s. Beyond the stunning design aesthetics and impeccable condition, what drew us both was the fact that not only had it lasted for years, it also still had so much left to give!

And so, our idea for Kookn was born: a place where we could connect people to unique mid-century modern collectibles and sought-after rare finds—lovingly used pieces that bring joy to the celebration of cooking, eating and entertaining.

Our focus is on Scandinavian and Finnish design, although we keep our eyes open for vintage European items, too. Every piece has a history and a story to tell; we share these with you as well.

We invite you to join us in what we frankly call our obsession: to get these stunning pieces out of a dark cupboard or a box on a garage shelf and back into your hands, kitchen and table, to add to your enjoyment for many years to come.