Teak Serveware/ Teak Handles

To clean, simply hand wipe your teak with mild soap, soft sponge or cloth. Teak does not like to be submerged or soaked in water as it will cause it to dry out leading to fading, blistering and cracking. Dry with a soft lint-free towel and allow them to air dry overnight.

To help preserve the wood, use a soft cloth and rub either food-safe mineral oil or butchers block oil over the wood surface. It is best to use oils that will not go rancid or leave a residue build up. Once oiled, leave on a towel for 24 hours before putting them away. You will only need to use oil treatments when you notice the wood starting to look lighter in colour.

Residue and Build up:

If there happens to be some residue or cooking oil build up, very gently rub a small amount of coarse salt over the area. This will both clean and sanitize the surface.


Day to Day Cleaning and Care Tips