Rosti | 3 Orange Margrethe Nesting Mixing Bowls


These bowls neatly hide away in the cupboard, patiently waiting for the next cake, bread or batter to mix up. Once on the job, they don’t mess around, using their grippy bottoms and pouring spouts to avoid unsightly slides and spills. It is for precisely these reasons that they have been kept in the same cupboard for so many years.

DesignerSigvard Bernadotte & Acton Bjørn

Production - Denmark 1960s

Size - 1.5 L 6.5"D x 5" | 2.5 L 8"D x 5" | 4 L 9.5"D x 5.5"

Condition Rated - 3/5 - Showing signs of a much-loved piece but still amazing for many years to come. No chips. Normal wear on bottom rubber ring

Hand wash only is recommended.