Dansk | #824 Double Barrel Teak Salt Shaker and Peppermill | Peugeot Lion Mutenye Grinder


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Twisting and shaking to eaters delight since the 1960's. This elegant Salt & Peppermill, continues to add a touch of salt or grind your peppercorns using its Peugeot Lion Mutenye Grinder. And when it's not stylishly adding the finishing touches to your meals, it will most certainly become centrepiece of the conversation.

Designer - Jens Quistgaard JHQ

Production - Denmark 1960's

Size - 3.25"D x 3.25"

Condition rated - 5/5 - Excellent condition. The side peg easily comes out to fill the salt cavity. Pepper corns are fed through the grinder at the base. Both salt shaker and grinder work perfectly.

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