Finel Arabia | Kaj Franck & Raija Uosikkinen | Villiruusut 1.5 L Saucepan


Go on, take a good look. This vibrant saucepan doesn’t mind; it’s often the centre of attention. After all, it's not every day that you see a pan with such a lovely tattoo on its body. Just don't ask what it means. It's simply there to keep it looking hot for many years to come. 

Designer -  Kettle Kaj Franck | Pattern Raija Uosikkinen

Production - Finland 1960's


Condition Rated - 4/5 Minimal and age-appropriate signs of wearing. Some flea bites around the outer rim of the pot.

Please check out our care and cleaning tips for keeping your cookware looking its best for many more years to come.