Dansk | 2 Silver Leaf Taper Holder with 12 Yellow Tiny Taper Candles


A lovely pair of silver-plated leaf tiny taper holders and 12 new yellow Tiny Tapers imported from Denmark that will not drip, are soot free and will burn up to two hours. When you've burned through these ones, don't fret. Tiny Taper candle replenishments are available.

Designer - Gunnar Cyren

Production - Candle Holder Japan 1980's | Candles Denmark 2021

Size - 2.25" x 1.25" x 0.5"

Condition Rated - 5/5 - Looking like new and is in perfect condition.

If you wish to swop the white tiny tapers for a different colour, please reach out hello@kookn.ca and we'll be happy to do so if they are available.

Please check out our care and cleaning tips for keeping your candleware looking stylish for many more years to come.